Spiritual Direction

Experiential Ministries offers spiritual direction, spiritual direction programs and spiritual direction training for individuals and groups with experienced and certified spiritual directors for both men and women. If you have a question like, “What is spiritual direction?” please contact us.


What is Spiritual Direction? It might better be called, Spiritual Mentoring, or Spiritual Friendship. It involves a relationship between a director, mentor, friend and a pilgrim on the journey of walking through life with God/Jesus. “Spiritual mentoring includes a process of listening to the life of another then teaching people to open their eyes and se what is there—everywhere—teaching them to become detectives for the presence of divinity.”Biblically and historically the journey of faith is not walked along. We all need companions and friends. The term spiritual director is in fact a bit misleading because the director listens and truly hears, then asks questions, The questions are meant to motivate the friend to seek answers to three basic questions; Who is God? Who am I? And What am I to do with my life?If you are seeking the answers to these persistent questions, EM offers spiritual direction in individual and group settings. Typically individual appointments are one hour long meeting once a month.