Retreat is not a popular word in our world that is constantly encouraging us to move forward, to advance, to charge, to buy, to have, own, possess.  Retreating is seen as giving up, giving over, or running away. Perhaps retreat is the wrong word for what we intend, “pause” might be a good word, “rest” might be a better word, and “quiet expectation” is excellent description of the mindset.


Jesus sought time alone and away from his disciples and the multitudes.  Jesus sought time alone and away with his Father, his source, his beloved, his God.  If this was important to Jesus, who was God, how much more so for each of us as we try to walk with Jesus, seek his Spirit’s leading and follow his teachings and example.  Time away from the noise of life and learning to quiet the noise within ourselves allows us to hear that still small voice of the Holy Spirit.


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