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Good Friday Upper Room

 By Mark R Klopfenstein Introduction: Narrator: Three things you need to know before we begin: First, the account I am about to read do you is, I believe, from the personal journal of Nathanial one of the unpublished disciples of Jesus. This fragment was found in the basement of an abandoned first century monastery in…


Project Mexico Project Mexico is Experiential Ministries’ most ambitious service adventure. Each spring, teams travel from Southern California into Mexico and over the course of a weekend build a house (or two) for families in need. EM’s Project Mexico teams provide the tools and labor and raise the funds to pay for the materials for…



Wow!  Lent is almost spent and Palm Sunday and the passion week are upon us and I’m not ready.  Are you?   Maybe you are not feeling as rushed as I am, or as tired of the noise and the daily push, but I am! So….I am calling a time out for the morning so April…

A succesful Experience

Service for Formation

Project Mexico and More, For those of you acquainted with Experiential Ministries you know that we, as a ministry, have been all about spiritual formation and creativity.  We have been focused on teaching and guiding people into a transformative powerful relationship with the person of Jesus and his Spirit.  We have been fairly vocal about…