Creativity and Spirituality

Experiential Ministries believes that our creative ability is part of being created in the image of God and that all of us are creatively gifted. EM is committed to helping individuals and groups explore their Christian spirituality as part creative expression of worship and celebration.


When we first meet God in the Bible he is creating. He is speaking the universe into existence from nothing using just his Word. A short bit later God creates man is his image. We believe that this means that everyone is creative. Creativity is part of the image and essence of God.To often today creativity is associated with art, music, storytelling, and all things “creative.” We choose to define creativity as the ability to see, express, and make what does not yet exist. Unlike God we cannot create our own matter, we must use what God has already provided but we are free to reshape it in new and exciting ways. Creativity defined this way includes but is not limited to math, science, engineering, art, music, literature, interpersonal relationships, and language….

If you are interested in opening the door to using your unique creative gift to the glory of your creator we’d love to help.