Welcome to Experiential Ministries

Experiential Ministries is founded on the promise Jesus made to be with us until the end of the age (Matt. 28:18-20) and the belief that we can live, daily, aware of His presence.

• We believe that life is an adventure to be lived with Jesus daily.

• We believe that is more important who knows you and whom you know than what you know. (Matt.7:21-23,)

• We believe that God wishes to transform our lives and true transformation comes from spending time with Jesus. (Acts 4:13)

• We believe that Jesus is with his followers every day and reaches out to try to get our attention and to express God’s incredible love to us. (Matt. 28:18-20)

• We believe that it is all too easy to miss Jesus’ presence in the hurry and rush of our daily lives.

• EM believes in using both traditional methods as well as contemporary creative approaches to help followers of Jesus be more and more aware of Jesus’ constant transformational presence and love in the ordinary.

Among the many ministry opportunities EM will offer are: Spiritual Direction, Quiet Days, Creativity & Spirituality workshops, Story Telling, Spiritual Formation Workshops, Contemplative Prayer & Lectio Divina workshops, Adventures as metaphors for Life with God, & Creative Worship Experiences.


Project Mexico

Project Mexico is Experiential Ministries’ most ambitious service adventure.  Each spring, teams travel from Southern California into Mexico and over the course of a weekend build a house (or two) for families in need.  EM’s Project Mexico teams provide the tools and labor and raise the funds to pay for the materials for each house.  Baja Christian Ministries chooses the family, purchases and delivers the materials to the building site, and handles the “south of the border” logistics.  Materials are purchased in Mexico to be a blessing to their economy and to avoid any border crossing complications.

Project Mexico teams go to serve and be a blessing to those in need.  The thing is, that through the weekend of intense work in the Mexican sun team members find that as they seek to be a blessing to others they themselves are blessed in return.  That is the way the economy of the Kingdom of God works.

Project Mexico is not only EM”s most ambitious project but also our most expensive.  The project expenses include not only the cost of materials to build each three-room house and latrine, but lodging and meals for the team.  If you would like to be part of a construction team please contact EM get you on the list.  If you feel led to stay ‘stateside’ but would like to support Project Mexico your donations will be a blessing. Please designate “Project Mexico” when you donate and your donation will go directly to this ministry.

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